Rivers Run — Make That Freeze — Through Philly

The Schuylkill River was frozen over Monday following a blast of bitter-cold weather in Philadelphia.

The rare freezing conditions are an interesting sight for Philadelphia commuters.

Drivers along the Schuylkill Expressway could see sheets of snow and ice covering the surface of the river.

Ice patches can also be seen floating along the Delaware River.

The combination of low degrees, gusts of wind and heavy snowfall the most likely culprit for the frozen rivers.

Temperatures are expected to hover around freezing until the end of the week so the scenic views of the frozen rivers may be here for a while.

Just don't try ice skating on the thin ice.

The river ice forming on the Schuylkill River should be used strictly for scenic pleasure and not a form of winter entertainment.

Typically the Schuylkill is used for boating activities in the warmer months but it is advised to steer clear of the frozen river. Serious dangers such as hypothermia can occur if a person comes into direct contact with icy waters.

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