9/8: Stories, Spelling and Some Poker

Bond at Bob and Barbara’s: Get to know your community in a unique way tonight as Bob and Barbara’s hosts "The Binge and Yarn Storytelling Night." Grab a drink and mellow out as you get to know others in the bar. Each person has the opportunity to share a piece of his or her life in a physical, personal way. No topics are off limits, however, you have to speak from the heart -- no papers or memorized prose. Everyone has a story, now come out and share it. If you’re too shy, try one of B&B’s drink specials, $3 Pabst and a shot of Jim Beam. Bob and Barbara’s, 1509 South Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19146.

Drunk Spelling: Think you’re a good speller? How about with a few drinks in you? Test your skills tonight at The Raven Lounge as they host "The Drunken Spelling Bee." It’s $5 to get you in the door and the first round of beer is free. The Bee is broken into eight parts with dancing, drinking, deejays and, of course, a few rounds of spelling. If your skills are up to par, you could have the chance to win $50 just for spelling, can’t beat that. The Raven Lounge, 1718 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19103.

Playin’ Poker: Play a few rounds of Texas Hold’em for free tonight at South Philly Bar and Grill. You’ll have the chance to win a stake at The World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Whether you’re good or not, everyone can enjoy the Grill’s 50-cent wings, $2.50 Bud drafts, $2.50 Yuenglings, $3 margaritas and $5 sangrias. Plus, since the Grill supports local workers and if you’re a hospital worker, you can enjoy buy one get one free appetizers. South Philly Bar and Grill, 1235 E. Passayunk Ave, Philadelphia, Pa. 19147.


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