9-Year-Old Student Threatens Fellow Students, School Staff

The incident occured on the bus ride home

A 9-year-old student at Knapp Elementary in Lansdale is not in school after he threatened students and staff on the bus.

The student made the verbal threats on Wednesday as he was exiting the bus, said North Penn School District's manager of communication Christine Liberaski. 

No one was hurt during the incident and the student is not in school at this time. It is unknown when he will return to school, Liberaski said.

Knapp Elementary issued this statement to staff members and parents regarding Wednesday’s incident:

“The incident has been investigated in conjunction with the police and appropriate action has been taken in accordance with North Penn’s discipline code. At all times during the investigation and decisions regarding actions and consequences, student safety was first and foremost in the minds of the school team.  Please know that your child’s and all Knapp students’ safety is a top priority and responsibility that we take very seriously. If you have any questions, please contact the school office."

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