8 Year Old Found, Mother Arrested

A young girl has been found safe in Florida more than two weeks after she was taken from Philadelphia by her mother.

Kimberly Kongkham was found Tuesday morning living near a shopping complex outside of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. along with her mother, according to Philadelphia Police.

The child appeared to be in good health except for a few bug bites, according to police.

The eight year old's mother, Tammy Kongkham has been arrested and is being held on a slew of charges.

Kongkham faces unlawful flight to face prosecution with the FBI, kidnapping charges in Philadelphia and a child abuse charge in Fort Lauderdale, authorities said last week.

Philadelphia DHS personnel and an assigned social worker have been in contact with Fort Lauderdale police and are headed south to interview both the child and her mother. "We are grateful to law enforcement in Florida and Philadelphia for their help in finding the girl” said Philadelphia DHS Commissioner Anne Marie Ambrose. She also praised the work of her own Philadelphia DHS workers.

Kimberly's 10-year-old sister Kelley was found begging for change in Fort Lauderdale on December 4.

Kelley had said that she had been living in a hole under a beach playground with her mother and sister.

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