49ers to Eagles: “The Black Knight Always Triumphs!”

After losing to your Eagles last night and dropping to 0-5, the 49ers are the worst team in the NFC West, which is quite a feat given all we know about the current state of that particular division. But I guess losing to Philly counts as some kind of moral victory for San Francisco, given that owner/stepdaddy Jed York told ESPN his team would end up winning the division:

In a text message to ESPN, York predicted: "We're going to win the division."

The folks at USA Today note that no 0-5 team has ever made the playoffs, and I strongly doubt San Francisco will be the first, given how bad they are at both head coach and quarterback. Those things are kind of important.

There are two fun things to take away from this if you’re an Eagles fan.

1. it’s always fun to see a team you just beat get all cocky and make bold predictions. It’s the sporting equivalent of Kevin Bacon screaming ALL IS WELL to everyone before the band crushes him in “Animal House.” That move has worked only one time in history, when Jim Fassel went off in a press conference during the Giants 2000 season.

2. It’s comforting to know that, despite being victimized by Andy Reid on a weekly basis, there are still teams out there far dumber, and far more poorly coached than your Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles weren’t at all impressive last night. That McCoy gaffe was particularly brutal to watch. But that may not matter for the Eagles in an NFC where seemingly every team is horribly flawed. The freakin’ Bears have the best record in the conference, for crying out loud. With teams like San Francisco around to screw up all over the place, it’s almost enough to make you believe the Eagles can rise to the top of the NFC almost by default. And man, is there nothing sweeter than winning by default. It’s pretty much the only way to do business when Andy Reid is your clock manager.

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