Fans “All Mixed Up” with Excitement for 311

Nineties alt Gods 311 and the Offspring are in town Tuesday

Time to grab your flannel shirt and Converses, because popular 90s band 311 is teaming up with equally alterna-riffic the Offspring for a Philly concert.

The 2010 “Unity Tour” featuring 311The Offspring and Pepper, is coming to Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing on Tuesday night.

311 formed in the early 90s in Omaha, Neb. Since then they've pumped out hits hits like "All Mixed Up" and "Come Original" --  garnering a large and loyal fan base yearning for their rap/rock/reggae sound.

The guys allegedly got their name from the Omaha Police Department code, which lists indecent exposure as -- you guessed it -- 311.

As for the group’s commercial success, their famed 1995 self-titled release 311, also known as The Blue Album, went triple platinum. Of 311’s other albums, another went platinum and four more were certified gold.

Accompanying 311, West Coast groups The Offspring and Pepper will be starting up the show.

The Offspring were one of the bigger bands of the 90s behind skate punk hits like "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" and "Come Out and Play."

The concert begins at 6 p.m. and general admission tickets are $50.

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