24-Hours of Pure Horror

Can you handle it?

If you consider yourself to be a scary movie buff, put your limits to the test at the International House's third annual 24-Hour Horror-Thon.

The event runs from noon on Sat., Oct. 24 to noon on Sun., Oct. 25 at the Ibrahim Theater in University City.

Prepare to be terrified because horror movies will literally be playing continuously for 24 hours -- and chances are you'll be too scared to sleep so staying awake the whole time might not be that hard.

Wondering what will be playing? Too bad. You won't know what to expect until it comes on the screen because the list of movies isn't being released. But any horror flick from the past 30 years is pretty much fair game.

Tickets are $24. Unfortunately, it's too late to buy them in advance, so the only way to get your scare on is to show up at 11 a.m. and buy them at the door.

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