15 Pairs of Summer-Perfect Shades

In recent years, sunglasses have transcended the level of ho-hum accessory -- where you'd purchase one simple pair to go with everything each season -- and have attained the same "It" factor as a must-have handbag or pair of shoes. In the summer, a simple outfit can be taken up several notches just by adding a seriously on-trend pair of shades.

This summer's offerings trend towards '30s and '40s-inspired silhouettes with rounder frames, and eye-catching colors and patterns also feature prominently. Our findings: The chic, retro frames will often cost more -- one versatile frame is a solid investment -- but the colorful options can often be found for less than $20. Here, we break down the pairs that are worth the investment, as well as a couple you can snap up now for $15 or less.

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