15 Hours in Line for Doorbuster Deals

Black Friday Frenzy

People were lined up and bundled up hours before Best Buy in King of Prussia opened up.  Some shoppers were in line as early as 3pm Thanksgiving Day to take advantage of doorbuster deals. 

The state of the economy is affecting some shoppers' holiday spending this year. 

“I'm just buying stuff I need and not other stuff just because it’s on sale," said Denise Jones of South Philadelphia.

One woman flew from Bermuda to shop, because she’s diehard for deals. 

“This is the second year I did it.  There are better buys here in the U.S.,” said Nikki King.

After hours of waiting, shoppers flooded the Best Buy store at 4:30am.  Most of the people at the front of the line were buying laptops, televisions and game systems.

Best Buy wasn't the only store with a long line out the door.  Shoppers looking for a quick path to big savings had their own map to follow at a Walmart in South Philadelphia.

The first people waiting for the doors to open were in line before the store closed.

Some might say that’s a little crazy, but for Rita Marker, it’s a Thanksgiving tradition.  Marker and other early birds wanted to get their hands on the super deals of the day.

At Toys “R” Us, shoppers slept outside just before the doors opened, and they had specific gifts in mind—Dora dolls, kitchen sets and more!

And it didn’t take them long to grab those must have items and then some. 

With prices slashed, people stocked up piling toys high in more than one cart.  With deals too good to miss, some people stocked up a little too much.  If they can’t fit everything in the car, how will they hide their gifts until the holidays?

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