111th Mummers Parade

Comics and String Bands and Fancy Brigades! Oh My!

Here’s a test:

If I were to say that you had three days to get ready for the Jokers, Hog Island, Saturnalians, Bill McIntyre’s Shooting Stars, and the Satin Slippers, would you

a) Lock your doors and retreat to the storm cellar, or,
b) Put on your fanciest fancy clothes and make your way to Broad Street?

If you answered, “b,” then you know it’s time to get ready for Philadelphia’s 2011 Mummers Parade. The Sultans of Strut will kick things off at 10 a.m. on January 1 at Broad St. and Washington Ave., head north, and won’t stop until they hit City Hall.

If you like shiny costumes and superb dancing, or just want to celebrate what makes this city great, come out and support some of Philly’s fanciest. You can pay to sit at the Grand Stand entertainment zone or watch for free at designated performance zones. Regardless, the Mummers promise that this year will be more fan-friendly, with the addition of bleachers, DJs, food, and bathroom facilities.

So whether you’re up early from a relaxing New Year’s Eve night with the kids or still continuing the party from the night before, come to Broad St. and show your brotherly love for the Mummers.

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