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$10K Cash Fell Out of an Armored Truck in NJ. This Honest Guy Turned It In.

The man's actions, Runnemede police chief says, prove that "there's a lot of good people still in the world today."

What to Know

  • The evening of Oct. 15, over $10K in cash fell off the back of an armored truck in Runnemede.
  • A resident saw something odd in the road. When he got out of his car to investigate, he found wads of cash scattered around the street.
  • He took a picture and reported it to police, who have since returned the money.

Police say a New Jersey man "did the honest thing" when he called them about a bag containing $10,000 in cash he found lying on the street.

48-year-old Rob Phy says he was driving home on a rainy Monday night when he spotted a bag in the street. reports the Runnemede resident got out of his car and kicked the bag, expecting trash.

Instead, he discovered wads of cash.

Phy says he took a picture, then moved it to the side and called police. "When you do something like that, you always want your kids to know," he said. "You gotta do the right thing."

Officers arrived to take care of the money.

Runnemede Police Chief Paul Dailey says the cash fell off a GardaWorld armored truck as it made a turn. The cash was returned.

An employee at GardaWorld in Runnemede declined to comment.

Dailey says Phy's actions show there are "a lot of good people still in the world today." 

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