10 “Must Have” Back-to-School Gadgets

August means that summer's coming to an end and for many college students, a long school year is just beginning. To kick off your semester in style, check out these must-have gadgets.

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The iPod is a must-have gadget for students heading back to school. You can listen to it while you walk to class or studying in the library. The nano is $149 and the shuffle is $79.
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If you're looking for music, phone and an organizer in one device then the iphone is an option. They start at just $99.
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When you're a college student your computer is your life! If you're a laptop lover Dell has notebooks starting at $399.
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If Mac's more your style, Apple has Macbooks on sale starting at $999.
This lap top cushion is comfortable and is great to use anywhere you and your computer go. Find it online for $29.99.
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Lose your old mouse and switch to a wireless. No cord dragging and it clicks where ever you place it. Staples sell them starting at $24.99.
A flash drive is another must have. They come in different styles depending on your color or size preference. You can buy a 2GB USB at Staples for just $12.99.
Change the way you take notes this semester by recording lectures during class. This digital audio recorder can be found at Staples for $34.99.
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Style your dorm room with a flat screen TV. CompUSA has great deals starting at $149.99.
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Capture those college moments by grabbing a digital camera. Kodak has awesome sales at just $79.99.
If you end up writing a last minute paper and needs to be printed in the morning, save yourself time by having your own personal printer. As an added bones, you can print the pictures you took with your digital camera. This printer is just $49.99 at Link staples
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