10 Arts Pastry Chef Puts on a Peep Show

Whether you celebrate Passover, Easter, or neither, this time of the year means one thing, and one thing only: Peeps are in season. Those delectable marshmallow chicks covered in neon-hued granulated sugar have cult followers who create dioramas, and even put them in the microwave to start Peep Wars. If you're looking for Peeps on the go, there's a Peepster that rolls around big cities preaching the Word of Peep.

The Feast just so happens to worship at The Altar of Peep too, so we sent out a mass text to chefs around town to see if anyone wanted to create a dessert based on the fluffy fellas. Chef Jen Carroll of 10 Arts immediately offered up the services of her acclaimed pastry chef Monica Glass.

In the clip above, we're in Chef Glass' kitchen witnessing her latest masterpiece: Peeps Crème Brûlée S'mores. Glass said you just might see this dessert on her menu in the coming weeks. [The Feast]

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