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Man Seeks Refund After Fitness Machine Stops Working

NBC10 Responds helps a Bucks County man get a refund when his fitness plan went awry

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Between work and his family, Matthew Dooley doesn’t have much time to visit the gym. So, he decided to buy a NordicTrack Freestrider by Icon Health and Fitness in March 2019 to workout at home.

Dooley told NBC10 Responds the machine worked great for a couple months. Then something went wrong by the summer.

"The initial problem was it was stuck on the highest resistance," Dooley said, adding that the pedals wouldn’t move.

He called Icon Health and Fitness for assistance. The customer service associate asked him to take apart a panel on the machine and snap pictures. From there, Dooley said the company determined replacement parts were needed and sent out a technician to make repairs.


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When the technician arrived, they determined the wrong parts were ordered, according to Dooley. He said the technician ordered more parts and tried to fix the machine again, but that didn’t work either.

Technicians tried to repair the machine on four occasions between August and December of 2019. After the fourth attempt, Dooley said the technician told him to call the customer service number for Icon Health and Fitness.

“I have spent hours and hours of my time on hold waiting for answers.” Dooley said.

When no one picked up the customer service line, Dooley decided to try a different path for a resolution. He contacted NBC10 Responds.

NBC10 Responds called Icon Health and Fitness. When no one picked up, we emailed the company about Dooley’s situation. As soon as they received our email, an Icon Health and Fitness representative said they reached out to Dooley.

We followed up with Icon Health and Fitness and asked if it’s typical for repairs to take this amount of time and what a customer should do if they run into problems such as this. The company did not reply to NBC10 Responds’ questions.

As for the Dooley, Icon Health and Fitness sent him a full refund for the cost of the machine.

A few things to remember while addressing a problem with a company:

  • Save all documents such as receipts, warranties and service appointment confirmations.
  • Keep documentation of your attempts to resolve the problem, such as phone call records and emails.
  • If you cannot resolve the problem on your own contact NBC10 Responds. Give us a call at 215-201-5310 or fill out our consumer complaint form.
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