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Hearing Tackles Philly's Ongoing Mail Theft Issues

Lawmakers from Washington were in Philadelphia Wednesday trying to get answers to questions that NBC10 has been asking for almost a year about stolen mail and washed checks

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The U.S. House Subcommittee on Government Operations held a hearing in Philadelphia Wednesday to look into the U.S. Postal Services' "poor performance and mail theft" issues occurring in the region.

In the meeting that lasted more than two hours, the committee laid out the issues Philadelphians and the people around the country have been facing – from delivery delays to disappearing mail.

“We’re increasing security of blue boxes, addressing key and lock situation,” Deputy Chief Postal Inspector Pete Rendina said while discussing solutions.

About 300,000 complaints have been made nationwide regarding stolen mail.

While the committee waits for more answers on how the postal service will address the concerns, members seem to agree one area of focus: making changes in how postal police are utilized.

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