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Couple: Bank Wrongly Repo'd Our Car



    Couple: Car Repo'd After Bank's Mistake

    Dominic and Tara Nardini from Delaware County, say their car was repossessed after the bank made a mistake. After days of frustration they contacted the NBC10 Investigators and Harry Hairston. (Published Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012)

    A Delaware County couple claims the repo man hauled off their van because the bank made a mistake.

    "He says, 'Oh, we got a request from Bank of America to repossess the car because we didn't pay our bill," Dominic Nardini told NBC10 Investigator, Harry Hairston.

    "I was vomiting in front of the people who were taking my car," Tara Nardini said. "I was pacing the floors trying to figure out what could have gone wrong."

    The Nardinis checked their bank account online and found out something was wrong. The bank claimed the Nardinis missed a payment in July and had their car repossessed in October. The Nardinis say they never missed a payment and faxed July's canceled check to the bank to prove it.

    "They mistakenly put July's payment in somebody else's account," Dominic said. The couple says the bank then asked the Nardinis "to pay the $360 for that missing month that they misplaced" and kept their van locked up for more than two weeks.

    That's when the Nardinis called the NBC10 Investigators. We contacted the bank and the Nardinis got their car back in less than two days. We asked Bank of America what took so long and they said:

    "The miscommunications in this case were unfortunate, but we are glad the situation has been resolved and we apologize for the inconvenience."

    The Nardinis say they're done with Bank of America. "The customer service, it's a disgrace. They should be ashamed of themselves," Tara said.

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