Ways to Beat the Heat at Home

We know it's hot outside, so we've come up with some easy, at home ways to stay cool.

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Putting your lotion in the refrigerator is a great way to moisture and cool off.
Mint produces a cooling sensation. Try a mojito, mint chocolate chip ice cream or a mint scented lotion to get the cool tingle.
Cook outdoors! Your oven will really heat up your kitchen, so avoid that all together by using the grill outside.
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Purchase a small children's pool and get in! It will be way cooler than a hammock or lawn chair.
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Believe it or not, spicy foods are good on hot days! Foods that are hot in taste make you sweat which will cool you down.
If a room is empty (you're not hanging out in it), shut the vent and turn off the fan. Shutting the vent will force the cool air through other vents in the home where people are and turning off the fan will allow you to save some money on energy bills.
Keep your blinds and curtains closed! If you block the the sun from entering your windows, your home will be cooler.
Keep your sheets in the fridge or freezer until bed time, they will be cool and save you money on cooling costs through the night.
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Surprisingly, hot tea is good to drink when it's hot outside. Many believe it helps balance your body temperature with the temperature outside.
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We all know heat rises so simply stay downstairs if you can, it will be cooler.
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