From Mega Burger to Phillies Wine: Check Out New ‘Phood’ at Phillies Games

The Phillies showed off a smorgasbord of specialty sandwiches, hot dogs, wine and more available to fans during the 2015 season at Citizens Bank Park.

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NBC10 - Kevin Pulsifer
Take a quick look at some of the new food that the Phillies will be offering at Citizens Bank Park during the 2015 season. Hope you're hungry.
NBC10 - Kevin Pulsifer
Here are just a few samples of the specialty hot dogs that CBP will feature at various locations throughout the ballpark.
NBC10 - Kevin Pulsifer
This classic Philly Cheesesteak Dog is loaded with melted cheese and is served "wit" or "wit-out" onions.
NBC10 - Kevin Pulsifer
The Carnegie Dog is loaded with pastrami and Swiss cheese, and is topped with Thousand Island dressing.
NBC10 - Kevin Pulsifer
Fancy some more pork on your hot dog? Try the Cuban Dog, featuring roasted pork, sliced pickles and Swiss cheese.
NBC10 - Kevin Pulsifer
Fans with a Boston-baked appetite can enjoy the New England Dog, which comes with baked beans, shredded cheddar cheese and bacon crumbles on a toasted hot dog bun.
NBC10 - Kevin Pulsifer
The South Philly Dog comes packed with broccoli rabe, red peppers and sharp provolone.
NBC10 - Kevin Pulsifer
Being served alongside the newer hot dogs, a classic sausage, peppers and onions combo is a ballpark favorite at stadiums across the country.
NBC10 - Kevin Pulsifer
This southern-style Brisket Stack is slow-braised with pancetta and topped with a fried egg on a griddled roll. It will be featured at Harry the K's, located just below the left field scoreboard.
Also new to Harry the K's is the Northern Liberties Roast Pork, which comes with a Yards ale jus, hot pepper relish and fontina cheese.
NBC10 - Kevin Pulsifer
This fresh Rittenhouse Square Smoked Turkey Club comes on toasted sourdough bread and is topped off with bacon and a black pepper mayo.
NBC10 - Kevin Pulsifer
A look down the aisle at some classic ballpark fare, including sodas, pretzels, popcorn and more!
Federal Donuts released their strawberry shortcake doughnut (bottom left) on Monday, and also features a vanilla spice and cinnamon brown sugar doughnut.
NBC10 - Kevin Pulsifer
What would be more perfect to top off a visit to Citizens Bank Park than a Schmitter, the most famous sandwich at CBP? It's loaded with fried onions, tomato, salami and is smothered in their famous Schmitter sauce.
This is the gargantuan-Triple Triple from Wayback Burgers. This 2,200-calorie, 9-patty burger will take all of your strength to eat -- and then some!
NBC10 - Kevin Pulsifer
Try out some Phillies Wine, brought to you by Chaddsford Winery in southeastern Pennsylvania.
NBC10 - Kevin Pulsifer
Phillies Wine is a blend of Chancellor, Chambourcin, Pinot Noir and Nouiret. It pairs well with beef, sausage, and Mexican cuisines, and will be served behind section 142.
Phillies radio play-by-play man Scott Franzke tries out the new Phillies Wine for the first time.
NBC10 - Kevin Pulsifer
No matter how you "stack" it, the new food options at Citizens Bank Park make a Phillies game a must-see event this summer!
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