KFC Tests America's Craving for Chicken and Doughnuts

People took to social media to voice their opinions on health versus taste

KFC is taking America’s love of two foods to the next level with a series of chicken and doughnut meals across 40 locations in Virginia and Pennsylvania.

The fast-food chain announced that this initial test-drive of the new offerings, which includes three versions of a chicken and doughnuts meal, will determine if KFC decides to roll out the meals in more U.S. locations, according to Business Insider.

Currently, East Coast customers can choose between a basket of chicken on the bone or chicken tenders with one or two doughnuts for $5.50 or $7.50, a sandwich with fried chicken between two glazed doughnuts for $6 and a combo for $8. For $1, customers can add a hot doughnut to any meal, Business Insider reported.

People took to social media this week to voice their opinions on health versus taste concerning KFC's new menu items.

Some point out the country’s obesity epidemic in criticizing the fast-food chain, while others simply don’t think the combination would taste good.

Twitter user @Sahra_Noor was among the first group. “As if we don’t already have an obesity epidemic,” she wrote.

“Whoever thought that THIS was a good idea…needs to have a seat and think again. I love donuts and chicken, but just why?” Tweeted another user, @ChromeUzumaki.

But others were enthusiastic about the new menu items.

“Had it today. Not the sandwich, but the tenders with a donut. It was delicious. Better than their chicken and waffles. I will get it again,” @meade6487 Tweeted.

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