Don Draper's Pa. Brothel Found in Cali

The Franklin Avenue blog finds a famous TV location, meant to be in Pennsylvania, right here in LA.

When amiable man about town Mike Schneider -- he of the widely read and oh-so-venerable local blog Franklin Avenue -- organizes his annual Great Walk Los Angeles each and every fall, one might pause and ask "why?"

You personally don't ask that, of course, and loads of people have come aboard the popular stroll, the better to learn the secrets of our city from the sidewalk. And it turns out Mr. Schneider can offer an extra compelling reason to be a little curious about our city: Sometimes you find gems, like a mysterious "Mad Men" location.

"We Found It, The Actual L.A. Location of Don Draper's Childhood Whorehouse" reads the top post on the Franklin Avenue blog, and, indeed, there a photo of the Victorian abode seen on the hit AMC series.

Of course, on the show, the house, which is where a young Don Draper, or, er, Dick Whitman, lived for a dramatic, unhappy time, is meant to be in Pennsylvania.

Without reading on, or letting your eyes float, can you guess where a Victorian with a Pennsylvania vibe might show up in our sunshiny, palm-tree-esque city? Good guess: It is in Angelino Heights. (Ooookay, "Angelino Heights" is also in big letters above this post. You got us.)

The house, which looks much spiffier in real life than on the series, is located at 1355 Carroll Avenue. Does that street name ring various objects that tend to sound when a connection is made? It should. Lots of stuff is filmed on it, and around it. The house from "Charmed" is nearby, as is the creepy casa from the "Thriller" video.

Mr. Schneider reports on its Zillow stats, with the revelation that it was built in 1887 and is a nudge beneath 600,000 in value.

So, "Mad Men" fans -- are you cruising down Carroll Avenue? You can join a walking tour of the historic neighborhood with the Los Angeles Conservancy or hang on for Halloween, when the Conservancy hosts an Angelino Heights scavenger hunt with Out of the Box events.

And, yep, we've called Mike Schneider an "amiable man about town" in this space before and don't intend to stop. When he's out there organizing the Great Walk Los Angeles every year, and finding television gems like this, he gets a fluffy description. So say us.

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