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Hop Into Delaware's Most Entertaining Uber Ride

Leroy is the #1 Uber driver in his state and a local celebrity at the University of Delaware.



    Hop Into Delaware's Most Entertaining Uber Ride
    Uber Leroy is the #1 Uber Driver in Delaware and a local celebrity

    It's a Friday night and you're ready to take on the town! Your Uber ride rolls up and you hop into the backseat of a GM Acadia beaming with bright blue neon lights, music bumping from the stereo, and a smiling Uber driver ready to feature your karaoke car ride on his Instagram page.

    Does this traveling party sound too good to be true? For Newark residents this ride is a reality provided by Delaware's #1 Uber driver, Leroy.

    Leroy’s unique personality and social media skills have driven him straight to the top of Uber's ranks. He averages 45 five-star rides per week, and makes twice as many trips as the average Delaware driver.

    When you grab a ride with Leroy, expect to talk (or sing!) He's excited to chat with you and make your Uber experience enjoyable. "I have a really good relationship with my passengers,” Leroy told NBC10, “and like treating people the way I would want to be treated."

    We had a wonderful time in the Uber on Madison's birthday yay #uberud #uberparty

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    “People can't help but get excited when they request an Uber for a night out and see that their driver is Leroy because they know they're in for a very different driving experience,” said University of Delaware junior, Gwen Clarke.

    Students love being featured taking selfies and singing karaoke on his Instagram: "It got popular really fast," Leroy said.

    And it isn’t just about the party -- Leroy is just as concerned about safety as he is fun.

    "It's all about getting the kids wherever they have to go safely and preventing DUIs and accidents," Leroy said. "Lots of accidents are fatal and having a designated driver at all times is something you can't beat."

    Students couldn't agree more. “He never drives fast and knows the area really well. He genuinely really loves people and gets them where they need to go safely,” UDel senior Shawn Benesh told NBC10.

    So the next time you're walking down Main Street and see those bright blue lights flashing from afar, be sure to request your Uber quick -- before someone else snatches him up!

    Hey this is team Marie on the way to Grotto's ... and wait till you see the video #uberud

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