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2 Newborn Sea Lion Pups Splash Around at New Jersey Amusement Park



    Newborn Sea Lion Pups Splash Around in Water

    In video supplied by Six Flags Great Adventure, newborn sea lion pups Piper and Ridley play around in the water. (Published Monday, Aug. 3, 2015)

    As if you needed another reason to go to Six Flags Great Adventure, the amusement park now has two adorable new attractions.

    New Jersey's largest theme park is celebrating the birth of two female California sea lion pups. 

    Piper and Ridley, born June 5 and June 18, respectively, are both high-spirited and full of energy, according to Jessica Peranteau, senior supervisor of animal training. 

    “She has no qualms about sassing the trainers or her mother through vocalizations. She is exploring her independence at an early age,” Peranteau said in a news release. Piper also seems to enjoy blowing bubbles in the water, according to Peranteau. 

    Ridley is named after the endangered Ridley sea turtle species because of her flipper movements. Although sea lion pups are not usually competent swimmers shortly after birth, Ridley quickly showed signs of proficiency in the water. 

    “[Ridley] finds sliding down the hill on our stage especially rewarding and fun,” Peranteau added.

    Ridley is the smallest sea lion pup born at the park, weighing in at 15 pounds. The two pups are expected to reach 110 to 220 pounds when fully grown.

    Guests can see Piper, Ridley and their mothers at the park’s SeaFari Theater in The Golden Kingdom section of the Jackson, N.J. theme park.