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Philly Taco Makes 'Outrageous' Food List



    Philly Taco Makes 'Outrageous' Food List

    Ever had a Philly taco? It's when you get a cheesesteak and then roll it up into a giant slice of pizza.

    The creation is getting national attention from a CityPass list of outrageous foods around the country.

    Now, there's not a place (that we know of) who will actually make the whole thing for you.

    But this bizarre Frankenfood seems to be the brainchild of a few inebriated who patron South Street.


 's Michael Klein points out how it works. First, you go to Jim's Steaks and get a cheesesteak. Then you trudge a block down South to Lorenzo's pizza. Once there, order a jumbo plain slice.

    Take the tapered end of the pizza, wrap it inside the steak, then roll and viola! you have the epitome of drunk food in your hands.