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Cheesesteak Wars: Steak Shop Goes Neon

Battle goes from the grills to the signs



    Cheesesteak Sign War

    Pat's King of Steaks will be putting a neon sign directly across from their competitor, Geno's Steaks. (Published Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014)

    One of South Philadelphia’s neighboring cheesesteak icons in stepping up the rivalry by going neon for the first time and they want to make sure their closest competition can't miss the change.

    Pat’s King of Steaks will erect a new sign at the corner of the steak shop at 9th Street and Passyunk Avenue. That’s the corner that faces Geno’s Steaks neon façade.

    While Geno’s went bright years ago, the 84-year-old Pat’s has remained more subdued with light up signs but no neon.

    That will all change when the new sign goes up Thursday. It will also mark the first time that a Pat's sign directly faces Geno's.

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    Pat’s owner Frank Olivieri explained to why he is erecting the new sign.

    "Just to make them a little crazy," he said, half-joking.