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NY Artist Paints Huge Pokemon Go Mural



    NY Artist Uses 125 Cans of Paint to Create 'Pokemon Go' Mural

    Efren Andaluz painted 151 Pokemon on the side of his studio on Long Island. This time-lapse video shows how it all came together. (Published Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016)

    A Long Island artist has captured all the Pokemon critters — on a 25-foot-high wall of his studio, that is.

    Efren Andaluz painted 151 of the characters on the side of his Huntington studio called "On Da Loose Design."

    Newsday reports it took him 10 days and 125 spray cans to finish the mural. It has all the Pokemon featured in the original 1990s video game.

    The 29-year-old artist says he began the mural on July 21. He posted a five-minute, time-lapse video on his Facebook page last week and it quickly spread online.

    Andaluz also slipped in a few messages to Pokemon fans. In a speech bubble over a Charmander it says: "Don't Pokemon Go and Drive."