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Local Park Honors Bob Marley With Name Change



    Park Renamed After Bob Marley Hit

    Bob Marley fans in Wilmington, DE will be happy to hear that a park was unaninimously voted to be named after the singer's hit "One Love." (Published Friday, April 4, 2014)

    One local playground will officially be the park “to get together and feel all right” after its name is changed to honor music legend Bob Marley.

    Following a Thursday evening vote by the Wilmington City Council, the Tatnall Playground located at 24th and North Tatnall streets will be called One Love Park to recognize the message of peace and unity Marley -- a one-time Wilmington resident -- championed in his famous song.

    “The lyrics of One Love and what the song has come to mean to people in the years since Bob Marley composed it is what I hope to capture by renaming the park,” said Wilmington City Council President Theo Gregory, who first suggested the new name.

    “We all need a reminder from time to time about the importance of love in our hearts for our children and for each other,” he added. "I want children who play in Love Park to ask why it was given that name and accept their responsibility to make this a better city and world."

    Despite the famous Jamaican musician's association with marijuana, city officials are unconcerned that his connection to the drug will overshadow the new name.

    "There is a lot more to Bob Marley's works, thoughts and ideas not associated with that," a city spokesman said.

    Marley’s mother, Cedella Malcom, moved to a brick rowhouse within a block of the park at 2311 Tatnall St. in 1962. The reggae artist lived in that home for eight months in 1966 while he worked at the nearby Chrysler plant and DuPont labs. His son, Stephen, was born in Wilmington in 1972 and it is rumored that Marley returned to Tatnall Street to visit his mom throughout his life.

    The city began hosting the Peoples' Festival, a music tribute to Marley, nearly 20 years ago. The next fest is scheduled for July 26.

    A home along 24th Street and directly across from the playground is decked out with a colorful mural commemorating Marley.

    City officials say the new name will amplify the message conveyed by Marley's lyrics in the mural: "I feel so good in my neighborhood..."