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'A Day of Kindness' Looks to Bring Good Vibes to Philadelphia



    Day of Kindness in Philadelphia

    The City of Brotherly Love is calling it “A Day of Kindness.” NBC10’s Doug Shimell has more on this day that just might make a kinder, gentler Philadelphia. (Published Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015)

    Be kind to one another.

    That’s the message of “A Day of Kindness” in Philadelphia Tuesday.

    The #ADayofKindness coincides with the City of Brotherly Love’s birthday Tuesday (Philly looks great for 333 years old), Catholic leader Pope Francis’ visit last month and Tibetan leader The Dalai Lama receiving the 2015 Liberty Medal the day before.

    Organizers main focus -- besides people doing kind acts -- is the “Kindness in the Wind” installation that will be displayed in the courtyard of City Hall at 5:30 p.m. About 3,000 flags representing regular people’s views -- and made by children and adults around the city -- on kindness will be displayed vertically in multiple colors.

    "You can simply write your wish in any language or draw a stick figure or masterpiece," said Dafna Yachin, creative and co-executive director for A Day of Kindness. "We’ve started to receive fantastic flags with everything from a wish for a cure for epilepsy to a child’s wish for more puppies. There are wishes for prison reform, more eye contact, everyone having as lovely a family as they have, and a message for a baby about to be born when the installation goes up so they can show their baby her first message."

    The big question, of course, it: what can you do to be kind today?

    If you want to show off your kind flag, you can upload it online. Click here for details.