Oreo's Latest Limited-Edition Flavor Is About to Hit Stores

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(Published Friday, July 21, 2017)

Oreo is about to release a limited-edition cookie butter flavor in time for the fall season.

"Today" reports the Cookie Butter Oreos will be available in stores nationwide beginning Monday.

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The actual cookies are graham-flavored, and the cream filling is cookie butter-flavored.

"Today" notes the popularity of cookie butter has skyrocketed in the past few years, particularly among the Trader Joe's set addicted to cult-favorite Speculoos Cookie Butter.

(Trader Joe's, incidentally, has its own version of the cookie butter cookie.) 

A listing for Cookie Butter Oreo sandwiches on sites like Target confirm the existence of the cookies -- though they're not available to order just yet.

In the meantime, Oreo's fall favorite flavors are still being sold: apple pie, pumpkin spice, mocha, red velvet and even orange-flavored Halloween. There's are also the salted caramel and coconut Oreo thins.