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Patrick Dempsey Tries on a Thong For "Ellen"



    Patrick Dempsey Tries on a Thong For "Ellen"
    After classics Can't Buy Me Love, Loverboy and Coupe de Ville, Patrick Dempsey's career flagged for 15 years. But in 2005, he became Dr. McDreamy a.k.a. Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy and he's starring on the big screen with Julia Roberts and Jamie Foxx in next year's Valentine's Day.

    Ellen DeGeneres is helping Patrick Dempsey get ready for Valentine's Day.

    The talk show host gave the "Grey's Anatomy" star a special gift during his appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Thursday — underwear.

    Ellen gave him several pairs — a pair of red boxers, a pair of yellow boxers, a pair of rubber boxers — and one more.

    "Wait a minute," Ellen said, handing him a black thong. "Put that on!"

    The star pulled up the thong over his jeans to the cheers of the crowd and then sat back down.

    "You'll always have my support," Ellen told him.

    And Patrick took a moment to talk "Grey's" — will Dr. McDreamy be hearing the pitter-patter of little feet?

    "I think [Derek] Shepherd definitely wants children, [Meredith] probably not so much," he said. "Shonda Rimes certainly doesn't want us to have children!"

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