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‘You Guys Saved My Life': Britney Spears Talks Life Post Conservatorship

Spears spoke to fans about being grateful to have control over the "little things" in her life again, including having access to an ATM card and her car

Britney Spears poses on the red carpet
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Britney Spears spoke to fans about her intentions for moving on after being released from her conservatorship last week, thanking the #FreeBritney activists for their support.

Spears, 39, posted a two-minute video on Instagram on Tuesday to answer questions about her life after her conservatorship. She joked in the caption that she'd give her followers a "hint" of her thoughts before she "set things square" on Oprah, referring to speculation she might want to do a sitdown interview about her situation.

"I'm just grateful honestly for each day, and being able to have the keys to my car and being able to be independent, feel like a woman: owning an ATM card, seeing cash for the first time, being able to buy candles," Spears said. "It's the little things for us women, but it makes a huge difference. And I'm grateful for that."

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A judge in Los Angeles ruled Friday that the conservatorship of Britney Spears is no longer required, setting the pop star free after 13 years
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