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Women's World Cup

Women's World Cup

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Social Media Posts From the 2019 US Women's Soccer Team Ticker-Tape Parade



    Ticker-Tape Parade Through the Players' Social Media

    Get a glimpse of Wednesday's ticker-tape parade from the perspective of the players through their social media. Jen Maxfield reports.

    (Published Wednesday, July 10, 2019)

    The U.S. Women's soccer team were greeted by thousands of adoring fans as they made their way down the Canyon of Heroes in New York Wednesday for the ticker-tape parade celebrating their win at the 2019 Women's World Cup.

    Take a look at the parade from their perspective via some of the pics and videos posted on their social media accounts -- from popping bubbles before boarding the floats, to greeting fans on the streets, to seeing confetti raindown over the streets of New York.

    Mallory Pugh announces: "We're on our way!"

    Megan Rapinoe boarding her float

    Emily Sonnett feels good about parades

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    Parades are dope

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    Midfielder Morgan Brian boomerangs with her teammates

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    Floatin’ ��

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    Megan Rapinoe poses with Wednesday's edition of the NY Daily News

    Jessica McDonald riding on Float 3

    Alex Morgan pops a bottle of bubbles over the crowd

    Champs pose for a pic

    Megan Rapinoe busts a move at City Hall