Harry Styles Takes Selfie With Worker at Del. Wawa

A Delaware Wawa worker took a selfie she'll never forget when pop star Harry Styles stopped by

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Screaming inside with a bright red face, Natali Maldonado could not believe that the pop star Harry Styles from One Direction was at her local Wawa in Bear, Delaware.

“O.M.G.! O.M.G.! O.M.G.! It can’t be, no way! Harry Styles! It’s Harry Styles,” she shouted as she spotted Styles.

Natali told NBC10 it was on Tuesday around 4:30 p.m. when she caught her first glimpse of Styles. She was already having a great day with her favorite co-workers at the Wawa on Pulaski Highway. It took a brief double take but after taking another look as she turned around, Natali knew it was him.

“He dresses super nice with his nice leather shoes and oh my God, his rings. His rings were so beautiful,” she said.

Sadly, Natali could not take Styles’ order as her close friend and co-worker shared in on the glory. Natali said her co-worker didn’t believe the man was really Harry as she prepared his order of a tuna salad sandwich, turkey hoagie, and an omelet burrito. Natali, meanwhile, tried to hide.

“I tried to hide in the room behind the order line because I had no makeup, was in work clothes and knew I could not keep my composure as he could tell I recognized who he was, but I forgot there was a slit where the order line was and as I looked up, Harry Styles was looking right at me,” she said.

After mustering up the nerves, Natali, while still starstruck, was able to approach Styles with the utmost enthusiasm and even scored a solid selfie with him. Styles didn’t stop there. He gave Natali an autographed Wawa burrito bag and even left his autograph for her co-worker.

It was a surreal experience that Natali will never forget.

“I couldn’t tell you why he chose this Wawa of all places, but he was so nice and let me take a selfie,” she said. “I have been a fan since late 2011 and can’t wait to see his new 2020 Solo Tour.”

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