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"Seinfeld" Star Wayne Knight Tweets He's Not Dead to Debunk Hoax



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    "Seinfeld" alum Wayne Knight tweeted Sunday that he's alive and well following reports that he died in a car crash.

    Don't worry, everyone. Wayne Knight is alive and well.

    The actor, who is best known for his portrayal of Newman on "Seinfeld," was the victim of an elaborate internet death hoax.

    "Some of you will be glad to hear this, others strangely disappointed, but....I am alive and well!" Knight tweeted and assured his fans on Sunday morning. He added, "Does someone have to DIE to trend? Geez! Thanks for all the love everybody. I didn't know you cared. Glad to be breathing!"

    These tweets come on the heels of several fake sites, including TMZ Today, a fake Us Weekly site, and eBuzzd, reporting the 58-year-old was involved in a fatal car crash with a semi-tractor trailer.

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    The sites reported that Knight died of blunt force trauma and two other passengers were critically injured late Saturday night along Route 446 near the Pennsylvania-New York state border in Eldred Township.

    Phew! Happy to hear the actor is in good health.

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