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Sybrina Fulton Collaborates on New Music Single

Song "Joy Comes in the Morning" has message for families of victims of violence



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    Sybrina Fulton appeared at Hot 105 on Tuesday to discuss "Joy Comes in the Morning," the song she collaborated on with Gospel hip-hop artist T-D.O.G.G.

    "My name is Sybrina Fulton. I'm Trayvon Martin's mother," starts the song "Joy Comes in the Morning.”

    Those words are spoken by Fulton as the chorus kicks in for the single, which debuted on South Florida radio station Hot 105 on Tuesday. Fulton, sitting behind a radio microphone, told listeners about her initial reaction to to George Zimmerman being found not guilty in the shooting death of her son.

    "We couldn't believe that people didn't see it our way and think he was guilty. We got a lot of work to do. Listen I can't be mad or angry about it, I have to move forward," she said.

    The CD project is a collaboration between Fulton and Gospel hip-hop artist T-D.O.G.G.

    "I wanted to do something to inspire other people, other families who have been victims of senseless gun violence," Fulton said.

    The song's lyrics were inspired by the sadness T-D.O.G.G saw in the mother's face, as Fulton did countless television interviews following her son's death.

    "I went back and watched her segments on TV and said 'I'm going to step outside of myself and see what she would be feeling,'" T-D.O.G.G said.

    Callers who listened to the song thanked Fulton.

    "Your song is so touching," said one woman who shared that she had lost her mother five years ago.

    For another Miami Gardens family, the wound is still fresh. Twelve-year-old Tequila Forshee, who was excited about the upcoming school year, was shot and killed while at her grandmother's home last Wednesday.

    "She should be in school right now, but she died. Senseless violence in the city of Miami Gardens," DJ Rick Party told his listeners.

    Fulton and Trayvon's father Tracy Martin met with Tequila's family through the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

    "It’s just sad, because they're actually sitting where we were last year at this time. And the hurt and the pain it doesn't go away," Fulton said.

    Fulton told the family to cry when they needed to, and to surround themselves with positive people. She hopes the song will offer families like the Forshees the motivation to continue on.

    The song ends with Fulton speaking these words: "My angel Trayvon is watching over me and a peace of my heart is in heaven.”

    Fulton said proceeds from the sale of the CD will go towards making more copies of the song.

    Listen to the track below.