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Sofia Vergara Confuses Jimmy Fallon in a Game of Catchphrase



    Jimmy Fallon and Sofia Vergara join forces against James Marsden and Steve Higgins for a game of Catchphrase. (Published Wednesday, May 6, 2015)

    While most guests get animated for the fast-paced game of Catchphrase, Sofia Vergara wasn’t too thrilled to play the game with Jimmy Fallon — at least initially.

    "You always make me do these weird American games that I don't know how to play," she complained, adding that she didn't even have the energy to high-five Fallon.

    The two were joined by actor James Marsden and Fallon's sidekick Steve Higgins on “The Tonight Show” Tuesday, and the Colombian actress soon proved how strong her competitive nature is.

    Team Marsden and Higgins kicked off the game with a fast start, but when Fallon described his clue to the “Modern Family” star, her reflective response came in her mother tongue.

    "Una mariquita!" the Colombian star blurted in Spanish before translating her response in English. “A ladybug.”

    The “D Train” actor couldn’t guess what tune Higgins was trying to sing ("Gangnam Style") before the buzzer ran out, giving team Fallon and Vergara the win.

    Soon it was the “Hot Pursuit’s” star's turn to give the host a clue, one that became lost in translation for the actress.

    "What I sleep in," she said. “My outfit for sleeping.”

    "Flannel pajamas," Fallon guessed.

    "No, no!" she snapped. "Look at me!"

    "Lingerie?" Fallon tried again.

    "No. What do you wear when you are born?” she replied.

    Vergara continued giving clues that seemed to only further perplex Fallon, as well as the other players. When the buzzer timed out, Vergara revealed her clue: Birthday Suit.

    “I mean, I am not playing with you anymore,” the actress protested.

    The two players bantered back and forth over Fallon’s inability to guess the clue versus Vergara’s “confusing descriptions.” But despite their issues with language barriers, in the end, the two were victorious.

    Vergara, who stopped by the show to talk about her new movie “Hot Pursuit,” also chatted with the host about getting a very real injury during production and receiving her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.