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WATCH: Shaq Takes a Tumble on "Inside the NBA" Set



    Did you feel that? No, it wasn't an earthquake. It was Shaquille O'Neal hitting the floor.

    The 7-foot-3 former basketball star got himself tangled up while appearing on TNT's "Inside the NBA" tonight during the halftime telecast of the Rockets vs. Clippers game — and in turn, we witnessed the huge celeb experience a hard, hilarious and unforgettable fall to the ground.

    The pro athlete decided to jump out of his seat to try and beat his co-host Kenny Smith to the Halftime Report signage, but instead took one step and ended up leaping into the air "Free Willy"-style before ultimately crashing down onto the floor with his shoe flying off and cords around his ankle.

    A computer monitor even showed up out of nowhere. Luckily, no one was hurt. So it's totally OK to laugh.

    Shaq tweeted a video of the tumble with the caption, "Dam I'm clumsy," after tweeting out, "I almost broke my dam leg lol #downgoesshaq #shaqtinafall."