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Hundreds Twerk Their Way to World Record in NYC

Guinness World Records was on hand to deem the event the biggest twerking party.



    WATCH: Hundreds Twerk Their Way to World Record

    Over 250 people gathered in Herald Square, New York City, Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013 to break the Guinness World Records for "Most People Twerking Simultaneously" (Published Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013)

    The world's biggest twerking party hit New York on Wednesday, as hundreds of avid twerkers danced their way into the record books.

    More than 250 people in Herald Square twerked their way to a Guinness World Record of dizzying proportions: Most People Twerking Simultaneously.

    Participants bounced and gyrated non-stop for two straight minutes as representatives from Guinness World Records walked around to ensure dancers adhered to the guidelines for “proper form.”

    The rules: Use your hips only, and use your hands on your knees or hips for support.

    Big Freedia — the self-professed "Queen of Bounce," a New Orleans rap subgenre — hosted the event along with music outlet Fuse.

    Freedia attracted some media attention last month after criticizing Miley Cyrus after her VMA performance, saying she has been given undue credit for a dance that has been around for decades.

    The dance phenomenon known as twerking gained mainstream attention earlier this year after Cyrus’ video of her dancing in a unicorn onesie went viral.

    Twerking originated in New Orleans' bounce music scene back in 1993, with DJ Jubilee’s song "Do the Jubilee All."