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Justin Timberlake Performs "Take Back the Night" for 150 Lucky Fans at Iconic New Jersey Club



    Justin Timberlake Performs "Take Back the Night" for 150 Lucky Fans at Iconic New Jersey Club
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    Singer Justin Timberlake performs onstage during the 55th Annual Grammy Awards on February 10, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.

    It's not every day that Justin Timberlake comes to Hoboken, N.J., but when he does, you better believe people take notice.

    On Wednesday, Aug 28, J.T. invited fans to Maxwell's, a legendary club in the NYC-area suburb that closed its doors July 31, for a one song performance. "Let's Take Back the Night," he tweeted. "150 get in. See you there!" And New Jersey sure gave the Southern superstar a warm welcome.

    One local on the scene tweeted a picture of the crowds lining up outside the club, writing, "This is complete mayhem. Pretty sure all of Hoboken is here." But Katie Ritchey, one of the lucky 150, told E! News getting to experience such an intimate performance was "SO worth standing for 4 hours in line in the drizzle!"

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    As it turns out, Justin's one-song performance of "Take Back the Night" was actually part of a Target commercial. Of course, that meant J.T. sang into the red Target microphone, but he also got involved, says Katie, and "helped to direct us on when to react to what he was saying and doing and when not to."

    Jessica Biel's love performed "Take Back The Night" two times through, adding in "a little bit of the hook of 'Sexyback' at the end," says Kate. "There was a full brass band but no drums and no guitar. He did a lot of his signature, current dance moves--lots of bobbing and turns. He was wearing an outfit similar to [the one he wore for] his VMA performance. Simple black pants, white short-sleeve button-down with a black horizontal stripe, no hat while he performed but he had been wearing one earlier when spotted on the street. Also, [he had on] AMAZING white shoes with silver tips on the toes. Hair perfectly coiffed in that J.T. style of today, of course!"

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    "He was very welcoming to the crowd! SO NICE," Katie added. "You never really realize how funny he actually is until you see him in a setting like that. He is obviously a professional and takes what he does very seriously, but also enjoys what he is doing and that shows in the way he still interacts with fans!"

    And always the classy gent, Justin made sure to thank his band, the crew, and the audience profusely.

    Hollywood, take note!

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