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Golden Globe Awards

Golden Globe Awards

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Golden Globes: TV's Biggest Shockers and Snubs



    The 2014 Golden Globe nominations are here! And while we're totally unsurprised (but thrilled) by the nominations for "Breaking Bad," Kerry Washington ("Scandal") and James Spader ("The Blacklist"), there were plenty of shockers and gut-wrenching snubs.

    Here's E!'s take on the TV side:


    1.Tatiana Maslany: It finally happened! Maslany, who plays multiple characters on BBC America's "Orphan Black," was the biggest oversight from the 2013 Emmys, and the 2014 SAG Award nominations. She's doing six times the work, and nailing every single moment of it. If you've seen even a few minutes of her on this addictive series, you know that based on challenge and merit alone, Maslany should win the award for Lead Actress. But for now, we'll just celebrate the long overdue nom finally coming to fruition!

    Tina and Amy's Hilarious Outtakes

    [Cozi] Tina and Amy's Hilarious Outtakes
    Tina Fey and Amy Poehler gear up for 2014 Golden Globes, their second time around hosting the awards show.
    (Published Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016)

    2. Monica Potter: Hang on one sec, we've got something in our eye, and it's called: Tears for the recognition of Potter's incredible, sob-inducing role on NBC's "Parenthood." Going up against Sofia Vergara of "Modern Family," Hayden Panetierre of "Nashville," Jacqueline Bisset of "Dancing on the Edge" and Janet McTeer of "The White Queen," TV's Supporting Actress category is easily one of the most intriguing. And we're pulling for Potter to win. Her portrayal of Christine Braverman is so flawless, we feel like we really actually know Christine, and cry ugly tears when she's not alright.

    3. Andy Samberg and "Brooklyn Nine Nine" vs. Amy Poehler and "Parks and Recreation": Easily our favorite inbred competition of the year, Mike Schur's two fantastic comedies are going up against each other, asn Brooklyn scored a surprising nomination for Comedy Series.

    4. Josh Charles: Win for Lockhart and Gardner! Anyone who saw the fifth episode of the current season of "The Good Wife" knew Josh Charles was a shoo-in for all the awards. (No one has ever cleared a desk so commandingly!) "The Good Wife's" creative resurgence this season, with epsiodes that have left us leaping out of our seats, has secured it a place as the only network series among the Drama Series contender. And well deserved. (Julianna Margulies got a nod too, in a move that surprirsed absolutely no one.)

    5. Michael J Fox: Nice to see him show up here in the Best Comedy Actor category, as his performance on NBC's new comedy "The Michael J Fox Show" has reminded us just how fantastic Fox can be.

    6. Taylor Schilling: No series nominations for Netflix's "Orange Is the New Black" or "Arrrested Development," but Taylor Schilling and Jason Bateman scored much-deserved nods as the show's leads. Netflix also scored big with "House of Cards," receiving a nom for Best Drama and Best Actor for Kevin Spacey. A banner year for this new form of TV content.

    7. "Masters of Sex": The ratings have not been blockbuster, so the nominations for "Masters of Sex" and its lead Michael Sheen are surely very welcome by Showtime. That said, the omission of Lizzie Caplan is surprising, as she's turning out one of the most riveting performances anywhere on TV this season.

    2014 Golden Globes: Full List of Nominees


    1. Nick Offerman: Really, Hollywood Foreign Press? How dare you. Anyone who watches "Parks and Recreation" can tell you that Nick Offerman's Ron Swanson is perhaps the greatest comedic role around, his perennial snub makes us want to weep.

    2. "Mad Men": Also completely shut out of Wednesday's SAG Award nomintions, it seems "Mad Men" is not what it used to be when it comes to major awards. The latest season, considered by some fans and critics to be uneven at best, might be the former Globes and Emmys heavyweight's undoing. Not a single nomination for Best Drama, or any individual acting categories. Time to pour another scotch, Don Draper.

    3. "Game of Thrones" and "The Walking Dead": These cable series might have insanely devout fan followings (and mega ratings), but that doesn't mean the Hollywood Foreign Press will throw either show a bone! Too niche and too gross and too cultish for mainstream viewers' taste, these series were once again shut out of the major categories, including not a single acting nomination for "Game of Thrones." No Peter Dinklage, Globes voters? Really? Have you no soul?

    4. Bellamy Young on "Scandal": OK, it was a long shot, but her performance as the most complicated and equally lovable and hateable character on TV had us hoping she might somehow secure a nomination in the supporting category. Globes tosses in everyone from series, movies and miniseries into one itty bitty category, however, so it was hardly a fair fight. Once again, Mellie gets crapped on. And somewhere drunk Mellie is awesomely spinning into some sort of master plan for the greater good.

    5: "Veep," "Arrested Development," "Orange Is the New Black": A tough year for comedy! All were shut out thanks to "Brooklyn's" surprise nomination.

    6. "Modern Family" Cast: Sofia Vergara was the only cast member to secure an acting nomination. No Ty Burrell or Julie Bowen is pretty shocking!