Country Star Jason Aldean Issues Rallying Cry For Unity Following Vegas Tragedy

After the mass shooting at a country music concert that left scores dead and hundreds injured in Las Vegas, stories of heroism have come to light.

(Published Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017)

Country star Jason Aldean says he's praying for the victims of the Las Vegas shootings, saying his "heart aches" and issuing a rallying cry for Americans to come together.

The singer writes something has "changed" in the world, making it "the kind of place I am afraid to raise my children in."

"At the end of the day we aren't Democrats or Republicans, whites or blacks, men or women. We are all humans and we are all Americans and it's time to start acting like it and stand together as one!"

Aldean was onstage Sunday when a gunman shot at a crowded music festival.

"My heart aches for the victims and their families of this senseless act," Aldean wrote on Instagram, adding: "Time to come together and stop the hate!"