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Everything You Need to Know About the "Charlie Charlie Challenge," This Generation's Ouija Board



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    It's time for another edition of "We Don't Understand Teenagers" followed by another installment of "Stop Bored Youths From Going on the Internet."

    You may have noticed a recent trend popping up all over Vine, Facebook and Twitter called the "Charlie Charlie Challenge." It's this generation's Oujia board, combined with the Bloody Mary game, sort of.

    How the game works: Take a piece of paper and draw a cross, and write "yes" and "no" in opposite corners. Balance two pencils on top of each other in a cross form and you ask: "Charlie, Charlie are you there?"

    The top pencil is supposed to move, which — as in most social media posts — freaks everyone out. If the pencil swivels toward "yes," players can keep asking him questions, like they would on a Ouija board.

    Apparently Charlie is the spirit of a dead boy or a demon, depending on which (fake) story you believe. You can find out more about this trend at ScaryforKids; apparently it originated in Mexico with a game called "Six Pencils."

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    But some teenagers apparently believe it summons a demon to answer their questions, so we don't think they necessarily care where the game came from.

    This is the part of the article where you say in a curmudgeonly voice: "In my day, we didn't have pencils and iPhones and Vines to ask demons questions. We just had the Ouija board and one lit candle! Kids today are spoiled!"

    So yeah, that's why you are seeing all those weird videos of pencils balancing on top of pieces of paper and kids screaming and running from rooms:

    So anyway, we tried it here at the E! Online offices. Youth of America, did we do it right?

    We did, didn't we? Nailed it.

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