Adam Sandler Takes it to Sandy at 12-12-12 Concert

Adam Sandler performs at "12-12-12" a concert benefiting The Robin Hood Relief Fund to aid the victims of Sandy.

Adam Sandler has a special New York salute to Sandy that songwriter Leonard Cohen never would have envisioned.

The comic performed a special version of Cohen's oft-sung "Hallelujah" at Wednesday's Sandy benefit concert in New York. The rewritten chorus says, "Sandy, screw ya, we'll get through ya, because we're New Yawkers."

Music, Comedy Heavyweights Rock Sandy Benefit Concert

Sandler wore a New York Jets T-shirt to sing his ribald rewrite. He was accompanied by Paul Shaffer on the piano.

The song mined Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg, the New York Knicks, Times Square porn and Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez for laugh lines.

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Organizers say concert ticket sales alone have raised more than $30 million for victims of the October storm.