'Every Cliché Is True:' Tyler Perry Talks Fatherhood

Tyler Perry appears on the Steve Harvey Show on Oct. 28. Steve Harvey/NBC

He may be a movie star, but it turns out that Tyler Perry is just like all the other excited new dads in the world.

“Every cliché is true,” he says on the Steve Harvey Show Friday. “When I look at him, I see my young self. When I’m hugging him, I’m able to hug the little boy that I was, if that makes sense. So there’s so much healing going on.”

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Now that he’s accumulated a net worth of $400 million, Perry’s in a bit of a bind: how do you raise a kid with so many resources? What reality do you teach them? When Harvey asks about Perry’s child-rearing strategy, the "Madea" actor says he mainly defers to his partner, Gelila Bekele. After all, Mom always knows best.

“She’s from Ethiopia and she don’t play, man. I have to force her to fly first class. She’s coach, she’s on the bus,” Tyler says. “He’s going to have really, really good balance, because she’s very earth -- very, very earth -- and you know, and I’m a little different. So he’s got good balance.”

Perry appears on the Steve Harvey Show Friday to promote his new film, “Boo: A Madea Halloween.”