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Stephen Baldwin's Good Deeds Go Punished

Homeless man arrested for drug possession on his property



    Stephen Baldwin's Good Deeds Go Punished
    Baldwin became a "born-again" Christian after 9/11.

    Doing the Lord's work can sometimes get messy.  Just ask born-again Stephen Baldwin.

    A homeless man who was allowed to live on Baldwin's property has been arrested on heroin charges, Rockland County police said yesterday.

    Baldwin, who became a born-again Christian after 9/11, told police that he offered to let the man move from a tent in the woods to a cottage, which is reportedly in foreclosure, on his Upper Grandview home.

    Police suspected the man was dealing drugs. They raided the cottage and arrested him on possession charges.

    Baldwin was home yesterday during the raid in the Rockland County community of Upper Grandview.

    Police said the actor — who has described himself as a born-again Christian — was just trying to do a good deed. They said he was shocked, cooperative and apologetic. Publicist Brad Taylor said Baldwin had no comment.

    "Mr. Baldwin didn't have anything to do with this," Tripodo said. "He says he's deeply religious and tried to help the guy out and do the right thing for a guy living in a tent.

    "The guy was down on his luck, and he loaned him some money and gave him a place to live," Joseph Tripodo, director of the Rockland Narcotics Task Force, told the Journal News. "This guy was a small-time trafficker in narcotics. Anyone dealing drugs in the Old Mountain Road area is going to raise some flags."