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On The Downlad: SXSW - Devo, Freeland & The Cheek!



    On The Downlad: SXSW - Devo, Freeland & The Cheek!

    It's the third day of SXSW and they're pulling out the big guns.

    Rumor has it Kanye West is hitting the stage this afternoon at a party hosted by The Fader magazine, while Metallica are confirmed to play a small gig at Stubb's BBQ.

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    While the big acts are great, this annual Austin, Texas-based festival is all about the up-and-comers and last night we saw some that made a storm, including The Cheek,  who rocked a secret house party to a sweaty crowd of 30. The Suffolk, England-based five piece are young but passionate, roaring out their vocals to a backdrop of angular college rock guitars and hearty drums.

    The gig we caught them at was well off the beaten path (in someone's house) but a handful of British celebs came out including model Daisy Lowe and her rumored beau, Burberry model Will Cameron. Also around? Lady Sovereign, who was taking a break from her busy gig schedule and kicking around a soccer ball all by her lonesome in the back garden.

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    Later, we made it out for San Diego's Delta Spirit, who caused a storm at the Cedar Street Courtyard as they played their bluesy indie rock, complete with aluminum drums and lots of instrument swapping.

    And there was also Adam Freeland's new band, Freeland, which meshed swabbing electronic sounds with some good old rock vocals that had the dance kids and the rock fans mesmerized. It didn't help that Jerry Casale from Devo joined them on stage.

    Speaking of Devo, the band is making its first ever SXSW appearance this year and at a press conference yesterday to promote their Friday midight performance, they revealed the jumpsuits and red, stair-step hats they are so known for may be going away.

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    "Even these outfits, the kind of Devo cosmonaut outfit may be retired after tomorrow night," spectacled singer Mark Mothersbaugh told us when we asked about the upcoming live show.

    "We thought it was a good look for the tough times we're in" bandmate Jerry Casale added.

    "We were able to lend a helping hand at the airport in a number of different areas," Mark quipped.

    But Devo had more news to share. When asked about the rumor he was doing the score for Drew Barrymore's upcoming '80s movie, "Whip It," Mark said things had changed.

    "She hired me and fired me in all of like two weeks," he laughed. "I got snippy with her. She cancelled out on showing up at the studio three times and I kicked Devo out every single time and had an engineer come in and set up the studio and the third time I got pissy with her on the phone. And she said she just doesn't think our styles work together. So I got fired."

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