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"Jon & Kate" Mom Takes Kids on Get-Away -- Ditches Hubby



    "Jon & Kate" Mom Takes Kids on Get-Away -- Ditches Hubby
    The Gosselins arrived to the island earlier this week but husband Jon was nowhere in sight.

    Kate Gosselin and her eight kids spent the week at a seaside retreat on Bald Head Island, N.C. -- with husband Jon nowhere in sight.

    The reality TV mom spent the week in the sun with her set of 5-year-old sextuplets and 8-year-old twins in a lazy North Carolina island resort town that is accessible only by ferry, People magazine reported.

    The eight kids along with their nanny stayed in a rental cottage while shooting scenes for their reality show "Jon & Kate Plus 8,"  the magazine reported.

    The Gosselins arrived to the island earlier last week but husband Jon was nowhere in sight, the Star-News of Wilmington, N.C., reported.

    "It's just the mom and the kids from what I could see," island kayaking guide Amanda Jones told the paper. "He hasn't been spotted."

    Kate didn't seem to mind the absence of her hubby, who was photographed last weekend sipping suds with some female friends in the upstate New York river town of Newburgh.

    "She didn't seem unhappy," islander Brittani Reynolds, 20, told People. "She actually seemed to be in a good mood. She was making jokes with everyone."

    Both Jon and Kate have denied rumors of infidelity but the speculation about trouble in their marriage and a growing rift between the two has reached a fever pitch and caused the couple much strife.

    The couple and their brood also ran into some problems with the law.

    Pennsylvania's Labor Department opened an investigation into whether the reality TV show complies with state child labor laws last week. A spokesperson for the TLC show, which drew 10 million viewers for its May premiere, claims the program "fully complies" with the law. 

    Child actors and young performers are protected by state law in Pennsylvania but it's unclear if the law applied to reality TV. Many critics -- including family members -- have made claims that the couple is exploiting their children for monetary gain.

    "Unfortunately, I think it has come down to all about the ratings," sister-in-law Jodi Kreider said on CBS' "The Early Show" last week. "And no one is looking at these children as what they are going through and the life consequences they are going to have as they get older."