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Beckham: Dinner With Tom Cruise Was "My Worst Nightmare"

It was a dinner date that turned into a disaster, the soccer stud said



    Beckham: Dinner With Tom Cruise Was "My Worst Nightmare"
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    The original metrosexual man, Euro-star David Beckham, along with his wife Victoria, have become global icons of style and brands unto themselves. Though he gets plenty of press for his impeccable fashion sense, he's gotten even more for his Armani underwear ads which have been plastered around the globe.

    David Beckham said a dinner date with pals Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise turned into his worst nightmare.

    "We were at dinner once with Tom and Katie ... and we sat there and everyone was like, 'Ok, let's play a music game, let's start a singing game!" Beckham said last night on "Lopez Tonight."

    Singing is "my worst nightmare," he said.

    The soccer stud said he hates when Eva Longoria Parker and Tony Parker play after-dinner party games following their dinner soirees in Hollywood and felt no differently when Cruise insisted on a singalong.

    Beckham said he spotted a friend at a nearby table.

    "So I was texting my friend, 'Oh, please, invite me to your table," he said. "I kind of get uncomfortable with that." 

    Despite their party habits, Beckham said Cruise and Holmes are "amazing parents and really good people."

    "You say there's good looking people, and you look at Tom, and he's one of the most handsome men I've ever met."