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Lorne Michaels Talks ‘30 Rock’s’ Return & Palin On ‘SNL’



    Lorne Michaels Talks ‘30 Rock’s’ Return & Palin On ‘SNL’

    Tina Fey’s “30 Rock” returns to NBC on October 30 and according to Executive Producer Lorne Michaels, this season will be a winner.

    “Having seen the first four or five episodes of ‘30 Rock,’ I think this is their season,” Lorne told Billy Bush for Access Hollywood and “The Billy Bush Show.” “You can just tell by watching it that this is just a winner season. You can just feel it.”

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    Though the comedy, which stars Fey and Alec Baldwin, picked up a host of Emmys including Best Actress, Best Actor and Best Comedy, it starts late in the 2008-2009 TV season. And Lorne told Billy he is putting his faith in the network’s decision to start it next week.

    “We would have thought because of the Emmy wins, it was a good time to bring it on [earlier], but the people at the network felt strongly,” he said. “You have to believe they know what they’re doing because that’s their area.”

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    In related news, Lorne revealed that during the preparations for “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend, Tina Fey and Sarah Palin shared more than a brief moment on screen.

    “I think they met each other and I think they couldn’t have been more gracious on both sides,” Lorne said. “What Amy [Poehler] did on ‘Update’… I think Sarah Palin couldn’t have been more cool being a part of it. Amy was the only sketch that could have been, you could have had some complaint about but they couldn’t have been more gracious or more understanding. They understood it’s a comedy show first and foremost.”

    And for the naysayers who criticized casting the vice presidential hopeful in an “SNL” sketch, Lorne said the show tries to remain party free.

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