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Bam Margera Recalls Prior Car Accident With Ryan Dunn



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    The most chilling thing about the death of "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn, according to long time friend and co-star Bam Margera, is that Margera absolutely saw it coming.

    In fact, he has just now revealed in an interview with E! that he was involved in a serious car wreck with Dunn in the exact same spot where the 34 year-old and passenger Zachary Hartwell were killed just a few weeks ago.

    "He flipped me in a car eight times at the same exact spot in 1996," Margera said. "Thank God I had my seat belt on, because [friend and "Jackass" co-star] Chris Raab put one on me, but my brother didn't have one on. He flew 40 feet. Thank God he's alive. But, like, Dunn was always a maniac at driving."

    Margera also revealed that he had been texting with Dunn shortly before the accident, and wishes he had been able to be there to keep his friend from getting behind the wheel. Although he admits it probably wouldn't have done any good.

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    "I'd say 'Give me your f***ing keys, you idiot'," says Margera, had he been with Dunn on the night of the accident, "But he probably wouldn't have listened to me." 

    Margera also revealed he has been getting messages of condolence from various friends and associates - including Brad Pitt, who actually appeared in two episodes of "Jackass" in 2002.

    Despite the outpouring of love and support, Margera remains inconsolable over the accident.

    "He was my best f***ing friend in the world. It's been five days now and I can't stop crying, man," Margera said. "I just don't think it should've been him."

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