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Britney Breaks the Bank with $2.7 Million in Lawyers Fees

Britney's legal team's singing "Gimme More" -- money that is



    Britney Breaks the Bank with $2.7 Million in Lawyers Fees
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    When the house lights go down, Britney's back-up dancers are replaced by half a dozen attorneys.

    Britney sure acts like the boss when she totes a whip and struts her stuff on stage -- but behind the curtains the 27-year old singer is anything but.

    "This mama is in control," Spears shouts to the audience during her "Circus" tour.

    But once the sexy ringmaster steps out of the limelight she is surrounded by a cabal of attorneys, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    It takes at least $2.7 million in lawyers' fees to maintain mama's personal and business matters -- and that's just an estimate of what the singer paid over 11 months, the paper reported.

    The $2.7 million has paid for the seven lawyers and firms who have helped to manage Spear's life and multimillion-dollar music empire for the past fourteen months.

    Britney was declared unfit to manage herself or her finances in Feb. 2008 by Los Angeles Court Commissioner Reva Goetz, USA Today reported. Immediately following the proceedings her father, Jamie Spears, was appointed temporary conservator of his daughter and her estate.

    The multi-million dollar sum is just a ballpark figure for what the pop icon doled out for the first 11 months following the court mandate.

    "The mere dollar amount doesn't automatically mean it is inappropriate," retired probate judge Arnold Gold told the Times. "It's quite appropriate, particularly in the entertainment field, to incur and have to pay very, very, very sizable attorneys' fees."

    Though Gold has not reviewed Spears' case, he did preside over Tupac Shakur's estate.

    But Gold is not the one grappling with half a dozen attorneys, Britney's father and her estate at a recent court hearing where the baffled opposing attorney had to ask, "Which one of you am I supposed to talk to?"